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About Us

SellenMedia was founded in 2020 and we are a web publishing company who are publishing content over our network of blog websites. We are always researching our content in-depth and always making unbaised reviews. We have websites in a wide range of topics but are always making sure that we share the correct information to our readers.

Our Brands


Petsoid is a website for pet lovers who need to find information about their pet. Here you will find everything from dogs to reptiles.


Mechanicbase was the first website that was released by selpublishing. Mechanicbase is a website about all car repair information.


Lifegag is a more general news website with categories like lifestyle, technology and health. On this website you will always find something new.


Headsuphobby is a website for people who loves RC planes & drones. Here you will find buyer’s guides and information articles.


Reviewjam is a product review website based on giving our customers the best product reviews in the car/tool/garden niches.

Hobby Plants

Hobby Plants is a website for all garden & plant lovers. Here you will find plant guides about how to take care of your plants in the best way. 


How Did is a Q&A forum for “How did” questions in all topics. Here you can both learn and share your knowledge with other people.


Annonsera is a Swedish Classified ads website where people can sell, buy & exchange their stuff.

Bank Finans

Bank Finans is a Swedish Loan & Finance Blog and website who is helping our customers to find the best loan deals.

Tools Chief

Tools Chief is a website reviewing different garage, garden & woodworking tools & accessories to help our customers finding the best tools.

About us

Magnus Sellén

co-Founder & Editor

Magnus is the founder of the company and all started from sharing repair information on the mechanicbase website after he have been working as a mechanic for over 10 years.

Anna Liutko

Content Editor

Anna is taking care of and making sure that all content publishing are top-notch. She is also publishing & designing website content.

Robert Haynes

Editor & Content Management

Robert is editing content before publishing and controlling all content published on the websites. 

Josh Sanchez

Content Writer & Research

Josh is one of our best writers & researcher when it comes to aviation topics. He is also controlling all published articles on the websites.

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